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This pop-up blog aims to teach journalists the minimum they need to know to write clean copy – specifically, how to type, edit, save, receive, and transmit copy in which every character comes through unscathed. If you’ve ever had quotation marks turn dumb or accented letters drop out of a story, or if you’ve scratched your head at how to write a fraction or I♥NY, this blog is for you.

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(The article will soon be broken up into sections for convenience, but I had to get it out the door. The article was commissioned by A List Apart, which then spiked it despite the article’s being exactly what was promised.)


This is as far as the project goes

This project was doomed from the start, I see now: Hacks & Hackers couldn’t get its act together to host a single training session; Zeldman rejected an article that was exactly what was agreed upon; and, lacking either of those imprimaturs, Borked Unicode has been picked up by nobody and simply will not meet its purpose of training the worst offenders (like Windows users) how to write clean copy.

Plus this has become another avenue by which people, or actually the same person as ever, can express how much he hates me.

So this is the last of the work I’ll be doing on this site. I expect to post pictures to the Twitters and occasionally Flickr.